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SeaSol Squad is an exclusive collection of 3,702 algorithmic sea fighters, emerged from the ocean to fight the evil regulators. Owning a SeaSoldier gives you access to the SeaSol Game anywhere in the Metabyss!

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The Plankton token ($PLNK) will literally be the lifeblood for the creatures that lurk in the MetAbyss. $PLNK will be given to users as rewards of the game and not only that, you can earn simply by holding your SeaSol Squad NFTs in your wallet!


SeaSol Squad Game will be a Play 2 Earn game that rewards users for their skills, not how much money they have to spend on the characters in the game. players will receive a $PLNK token as a reward.


Introducing our DAO Assets Management concept, where the Community decides which digital assets to invest SeaSol Vault Funds in. You'll need to HODL at least 3 NFTs in your wallet.


The aspect of social interaction between users will be greatly improved by the integration of MetAbyss, which will allow dynamic and programmable environments that offer advanced gaming/social interaction experiences.


Each SeaSoldier is generated from the algorithmic depths of the blockchain sea. A lot of different traits make each soldier unique and precious, discover them all on our rarity table.


The team aims to create a 'bridge' between the digital art of NFTs and the real world. Exhibitions in traveling art galleries and support for new emerging artists are just some of the goals that have been set.


SeaSolSquad NFTs


First Edition

Algorithmicly generated

Squad game in the metabyss

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The mint will be directly on our website, when the countdown hits zero click on the Mint button.

Around mid December 2021


1 or 2 NFTs SeaSoldiers per transaction.

Phantom, Sollet and Solflare all them works pretty well.

The team is already working to reach the most important marketplaces on the Solana.

We will add a channel in our Discord and update the website with a rarity section after minting.

Every Artwork will be part of the squad-game, our Play2Earn in the MetAbyss. Owning 3 NFTs, you will participate in the DAO to manage Community Vault by directing funds towards the purchase of digital assets.